Classroom Management made easy with 

LARK Online School App

Prepare course batch departments. Organize lesson plans. Collaborate with students. Online teaching made easy

LARK from SERVIO Online School App

Philippines Dilemma towards K-12 Education is critical in this time of Pandemic

Lark Online School App for Philippines Student School System

As the opening of schools in the Philippines has been postponed due to the pandemic, DepEd is eyeing the mix of limited face-to-face classes and online schooling system to ensure students' education will not be interrupted

Bring students closer without the risk of physical interaction

Just like any other, LARK from SERVIO Digital Education app lets teachers and their students get closer to the comfort of their homes. Collaborate assignments, tasks, and digital presentations in real-time. Yes, it's that easy!

How can schools adapt to the new normal?

From Physical School Interaction to Virtual Education Technology. Yes, it is that easy

While the students and school administration are pinned to their comfortable homes, looking for the suitable all-in-one online school app is critical because this will measure both ends ability to elongate smooth learning connection, without any disruption. 


LARK from SERVIO Digital Education App spearhead the schools’ classroom management and better interact with students and parents unlike any other.

Online Classroom Management with LARK from SERVIO

Online School App: Your Virtual School

From Management to Faculty Members to Students, your all in one Digital Education app made to grow with you

All-in-one student app

Classroom Management Made Easy

  • Chat

  • Video Meetings

  • Collaborate projects in real-time

  • Calendar Invites

  • More!

  • Prepare lesson plans

  • Set schedule per classroom

  • Real-time project tasks designation 

  • More!


Principal Studio

  • Virtual Office

  • Manage course batch details

  • Real-time school dashboard

  • Organize departments

  • More!

Powerful Digital Education App to support the Philippines school system

All necessary online school apps to fast track the students learning progress

Digital School App for the Philippines

To progress the Philippines education system sojourn, most schools are now transitioning to becoming a digitally transformed educational platform that will fast track their classroom management system and laid out course details to manage students per section.  

  • Digitally designate course plan to the principal or the dean of the school

  • Organize online classroom management for teachers

  • Make assignments, classroom meetings, real-time students’ progress easy

  • Easy interaction with parents

  • Real-time school management dashboard

Partner with the leading IT Company in the Philippines - SERVIO Technologies

Better business. Better Software. Software pang negosyo, abot-kaya ng business mo!

For School Management

Manage educational programs, department sectors and organize course batch details  with LARK distance learning app


Managing any educational institute is not a piece of cake especially during these times of crisis. Go beyond easy learning with Servio by LARK distance learning app!

SERVIO Online School App Principal's Virtual Office

Virtual Principal's Office

  • Easily manage multiple school branches with one single app

  • Teacher app management and staff salary generation

  • Comprehensive data to make better decision and improvements

  • Real-time dashboards of students comprehensive learning 

For Teachers

Online School App for Teachers

Organize the class section. Designate assignments easily. Real-time student progress. 

Teaching made easy just like in the actual classrooms. Track projects, manage educational programs, and organize course batch details and more with LARK.

Online Classroom Management for Teachers

Classroom Management

  • Calendar meetings for your students

  • Real-time class handouts and collab

  • Real-time attendance monitoring 

  • Video meetings, messenger, and upload online docs 

  • Track your students' progress using LARK Calendar 

For Students

Knowledge at your fingertips

Online School App for Students
Online School App for Highschool

Upload online assignments, collaborate with your peers and be more productive by staying on top of the course news with LARK distance learning app


All online School app in one place

  • Super easy interaction with teachers and school administration

  • Collaborate with classmates 

  • Keep all your projects in one place

  • Real-time document edits with your team 

For Parents


Make more time with your kids and interact with teachers to see the student’s progress and cope up where the kids are having a hard time so that you can focus more on improving your kids academic


Parent-teacher collaboration made smoother unlike any other

  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, peers, and parents

  • Easily access and download class schedules, assignments, tasks, and more

  • Collaborate with your classmates easy without personal interaction

  • Keep all your projects in one place

  • Detailed information students’ progress


Know more how LARK from SERVIO will keep tab all of your school projects in one place.

Possibleng matuto ang students without sacrificing their health especially in these critical times of pandemic.


Na-try mo na ba ang LARK  for your Homeworks? 

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