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Teaching has never been easier with our Virtual Classroom App!

The transition to digital is critical so that teachers can easily reach their students anytime anywhere at the comfort of their home. You can do this easily with the SERVIO Virtual Classroom App!

Teacher Apps in the SERVIO Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom App that is made to grow with you




Double the features & unlimited support for a more affordable price

See the difference to believe it.


Pay less, get more than Zoom!

Don't limit yourself to expensive subscriptions with limited features. SERVIO Virtual Classroom has all the apps you need and more!

Become a certified virtual classroom administrator today!

Get training on "best practices" for setting up and operating a virtual classroom. Get certified by taking our official certification exam!

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Your one-stop-app for | class schedules & attendance | lesson plans, assignments & notes | student surveys, quizzes, and exams | recording grades  | monitoring group projects | and more, giving you the tools you need to your best.


As a teacher with a SERVIO Virtual Classroom, you get:

  • Unlimited student seats

  • Unlimited video call minutes

  • Unlimited support for you and your students

  • Certified virtual classroom administrator training


for only ₱595 per month!

Your anywhere classroom


Parent-teacher collaboration made smoother unlike any other

  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, peers, and parents

  • Easily access and download class schedules, assignments, tasks, and more

  • Collaborate with your classmates easy without personal interaction

  • Keep all your projects in one place

  • Detailed information students’ progress



  • Unlimited video call minutes

  • Unlimited student seats

  • Intelligent Messaging

  • Calendar

  • Docs & Cloud Storage

SERVIO Virtual Classroom

(₱595/month per teacher!)

  • Unlimited video call minutes

  • Unlimited student seats

  • Intelligent Messaging

  • Calendar

  • Docs & Cloud Storage

  • Certified Virtual Classroom Administrator Training

    • Multiple Classes​

    • Class Schedules

    • Lesson Plans

    • Surveys & Exams

    • Grade Records

    • Student On-boarding

    • In/Out Board

    • Attendance Management

  • Best Practices in:

    • Video conferencing​

    • Storage structure

    • Doc & Sheet templates

    • Security Settings

  • AI-assisted Helpdesk

    • Unlimited support for teachers​

    • Unlimited support for students

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