SERVIO Virtual Team:

Manage your team from anywhere!


People Management in The New Normal

Remote work is here to stay. Time to adapt!

  • Unlimited video call minutes

  • Private and group chats

  • Easy communication with all members

  • Unlimited user contacts

Your Staff

Your Customers & Suppliers

Your Managers

  • Setup of organization structure

  • Easily monitor your staff's productivity


Single Platform Synergy with SERVIO Virtual Team

No more app switching, no more multiple logins, no more disconnect.


Unlimited video call minutes

No need to worry about time limits. With SERVIO Virtual Team, you can keep the conversation going for as long as you want!

Better than the rest

SERVIO Virtual Team


for up to 100 team members


for 10 team members

Empower your team to work better, faster

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  • Unlimited video call minutes

  • Intelligent Messaging 

  • Group Calendars 

  • Docs & Cloud Storage

SERVIO Virtual Team

₱595/month (up to 20 members)

₱995/month (up to 100 members)

  • Unlimited video call minutes

  •  Intelligent Messaging

  •  Group Calendars

  •  Docs & Cloud Storage

  •  System Administrator

    • Setup

    • Configuration

    • User On-Boarding

    • User Training

    • User Support

    • Systems Monitoring

    • Maintenance

  •  IT Helpdesk

    •  Level 1 Support for ALL hardware and software

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