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You do not have to waste too much money for business tool especially during critical times. Alam mo ba na you can still manage your entire business without spending too much?


How can I manage my employees' productivity while they work from home?

Where can we find a platform that has all the tools we need for remote work?

How can I easily access my important files for my weekly and monthly reports?

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Better business. Better Software. Software pang negosyo, abot-kaya ng business mo!

100% Supported by Filipinos, to better understand your business

Looking for an affordable business tool that understands the workflow of your business and how to manage remote work effectively is quite a challenge.


Lark Suite laser-focused on building healthy and productive office communication tools for SMEs. Since then, Lark Suite has spread all around the world and is now being used by SMEs for collaboration and communication.

Guess what? Lark Suite makes its first landing in the Philippines! And the first partner who will spread the revolution around local SMES ties with the leading tech industry - SERVIO Technologies.

Manage your business from the comfort of your home

Free work from home apps that your business and workforce will love

Lark brings together chat, document sharing, conferencing and so much more in one simple to use open-platform solution that works as well on mobile as it does on desktop


Lark's Messenger gives you one central place to communicate, create, and collaborate. Supports rich emoji replies, threaded conversations and one-click video and audio calls.

Calls & Meetings

Lark's audio/video conferencing is deeply integrated with Chat and Calendar to support high-quality audio/video conferences anytime, anywhere. The powerful screen sharing makes it easy to collaborate remotely in real-time.


With Lark's integrated calendar, teams are to schedule meetings, book meeting rooms, create chats straight from meeting invites and more.

Docs & Cloud Storage

Lark integrates online Docs, Sheets, MindNotes and other creation tools. Supports shared cloud-based storage and management on Drive. Share and synchronize across platforms easily and safely, so that you can do more in one place with both your teammates and people outside your company.

What makes Lark loved by SMEs?

Lark is your go-to office business tool that helps you organize task, set up meetings, and collaborate with your team closer at the comfort of your home

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